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Page 1:      Intentionally left Blank for NOW
Page 2:  ScSi support drivers from Bart's Modular boot
Page 3:  Diskette images  for DOS 6.22
3 Diskette  image files - Down load and use it from that  page
Page4:  DOS boot  A Single Diskette boot called version  7 -10 created from Win98SE.
 Plus a few extra's  and will load common IDE/ ATAPI  CD  support too if found.
Download  from that page .
Page 5:   A DOS boot CD  iso  image Also created with Windows 98SE .
 Given the Space the CD has it is packed with ready to use Utlilites like NC 5. 
Page 6:  NC5 ( Norton Commander ) installation Diskette images
 Down load the 3 diskette installation version